Terms of Use


  • Copyright by Koichi Morita.
  • If you want to use music, you need to write “Music: Koichi Morita Music”.
  • Free for personal and commercial use!
  • You do not need to ask my permission to use it.
  • Editing is OK.
  • No plagiarism. Phrase appropriation is also prohibited.
  • Data purchased from the store cannot be used. For listening only.
  • The sale or distribution of Koichi Morita music to streaming services such as TuneCore, AmazonMusic, Spotify, LineMusic, or in various stores is strictly prohibited.
  • Redistribution of data is prohibited.
  • The sale of music data by itself is prohibited.


Please note that all music is copyrighted by Koichi Morita, and Koichi Morita Music is not copyright free or CC0.

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